Otter Creek Series

The Otter Creek Series began by focusing on three sisters, the Cahill triplets – Serena, Madison, and Megan. As the series has expanded, more members of the Cahill family and their friends are introduced. Though connected through recurring characters, each book in the Otter Creek Series is a stand-alone novel.

Fortress Security Series

We first meet Eli Wolfe & his partner Jon Smith, former Navy SEALs, working as private investigators. Before long, they are hired by Brent Maddox, founder of Fortress Security – a private security firm in Nashville, TN that employs former special ops teams from various military backgrounds, as well as former law enforcement officers. Fortress also has connections to Otter Creek.

As both series progress, there are character cross-overs throughout. While each book in both series can be read as a stand-alone novel, there is also a natural progression and reading order:

Otter Creek 1-5
Fortress 1-3
Otter Creek 6-7
Fortress 4
Otter Creek 8
Fortress 5
Otter Creek 9
Fortress 6
Otter Creek 10
Fortress 7