Otter Creek Series

 Otter Creek, Book 1

Four burglaries. Three assaults. One murder.

Not the crime stats Police Chief Ethan Blackhawk envisions for his first two weeks on the job. Ethan uncovers a link to his past, an assassin who bested him five years ago and again hunts in his territory. He welcomes a second chance to capture the assassin…until he falls in love with the only witness. This time a failure to unmask the assassin may cost Ethan everything.

Wielding a sharp knife, personal chef Serena Cahill dices vegetables and dishes dinner for clients. When she interrupts a crime in progress, Serena steps into the crosshairs of an international assassin. After a friend disappears and her business implodes, she joins forces with Ethan to trap a killer before he takes out the next target–Serena


Otter Creek, Book 2

No murderer is going to unravel Madison Ryder’s new life.

Following the deaths of her husband and unborn son, Madison spent two years knitting her life back together by returning home and opening a yarn store. Now the stalker who murdered her family means to finish the job. After someone sabotages her car and torches her store, Madison joins forces with Nick Santana, her husband’s former partner, to capture the killer. She refuses to let the stalker unravel her life a second time–not without a fight.

Ex-cop Nick Santana searched two years for his partner’s killer and, after a failed attempt on his life, the hunt leads him to Madison’s doorstep. Nick’s determined to capture the killer–if he can stay out of jail. Following his arrival in town, he’s framed for murder. With evidence mounting and the law closing in, Nick must prove his innocence and win Madison’s heart. Nick and Madison pursue the killer, but uncovering his identity could be fatal.


Otter Creek, Book 3

Megan Cahill might soon be making the news instead of writing it.

Newspaper editor Megan Cahill loves red pens, clean prose, and fast cars. When a friend is murdered, Meg sets a trap to snare the killer. The bait? One steamed editor with a razor-sharp pen. Only one person stands in her way, a stubborn police detective.

Death is no stranger to Detective Rod Kelter. Two years ago, an accident stole his family and the press stole his privacy. To solve a murder, he must join forces with Megan Cahill, but someone wants the smart-mouthed editor dead. Megan and Rod race to unmask a murderer before he writes the final chapter of Meg’s life–in blood.

Otter Creek, Book 4

Three deaths in two weeks and she could be the next victim.

The biggest dangers bookstore owner Del Peterson faces are paper cuts and aching feet until a gift draws her into the center of a federal investigation and she’s taken into custody as a material witness. When Del’s safe house is breached and a marshal dies protecting her, she turns to the man she knows has the skills to help.

Two years ago, Josh Cahill transitioned from elite Delta warrior to small-town cop. When a federal judge is murdered, nothing will stop him from protecting the woman he loves. With help from his Delta unit and friends at Fortress Security, Josh sets a trap to capture the shooter. Though he vowed to protect her, bringing down the man behind the shooter might require Josh to take Del into the heart of danger.

Otter Creek, Book 5

A mission from his past threatens his future.

A stalker has his sights set on art history teacher Ivy Monroe. Still recovering from a relationship with an abusive former boyfriend, she’s determined to win this fight over fear and intimidation. No one has the right to cage her again. When Ivy is nearly killed, she takes refuge in the arms of the one man she trusts.

Elite Delta sniper Alex Morgan now trains bodyguards for Fortress Security. When his father is shot, the feds are convinced Alex is guilty of attempted murder. Determined to clear his name and find the shooter, he travels to Washington, D.C. with Ivy and his Delta unit.

He learns someone leaked information from one of Durango’s missions and now he and his unit are targets. Worse, Ivy is in danger. Battling his family and the feds, Alex and his friends race the clock to unmask the shooter before he strikes again. When Ivy falls into the hands of the enemy, nothing will prevent Alex from saving the woman who owns his heart.

Otter Creek, Book 6

U.S. Marshal Stella Grayson always wanted to be a cop, but after an ambush, she’s framed for murder and forced to surrender her gun and badge. Targeted by law enforcement and a killer seeking revenge, she may lose everything she values, including her freedom and the man she loves.

Recently returned from a mission, Delta warrior Nate Armstrong’s plans for a slow campaign to win his girlfriend’s heart are derailed when Stella is arrested for murder. Nothing will stop him from proving her innocence. Accused of detonating a bomb, Nate calls on his Delta teammates for aid in unmasking the killer before more people die. But the enemy is determined to accomplish his goal and Stella stands in his way. When the marshal is abducted, freeing her may be Nate’s final mission.

Otter Creek, Book 7

On the heels of a life-changing diagnosis, concert pianist Darcy St. Claire is on a quest to reinvent herself. While renovating a Victorian house and opening a restaurant, she becomes the target of a killer. As the attempts on her life intensify, Darcy grows more determined. No murderer is going to chase her from her home and destroy her new dreams. But more than her livelihood and life are at stake. She could lose the man she loves.

A favor for a friend lands Delta medic Rio Kincaid in the center of a murder investigation, a crime the killer doesn’t want solved. As the danger to Darcy escalates, the Delta warrior vows to protect the woman whose music pulled him from the edge of darkness. When the enemy’s desperate ploy snares Darcy in his trap, one wrong move will cost Rio everything–his life and the woman who captured his heart.

Otter Creek, Book 8

After a childhood trauma, Heidi Thompson is tired of looking over her shoulder and continually leaving her life behind. Reinventing herself one more time, she’s hired to train search and rescue teams for Fortress Security. But an unknown enemy obsessed with revenge follows her to Otter Creek. Even though the danger escalates and the police view her with suspicion, Heidi refuses to run this time. Determined to live without fear, she accepts the help of a man from her past–now a trained soldier.

Quinn Gallagher couldn’t shake off the dust of Black River fast enough. Now an operative with Fortress Security, he ignores his painful past–until a woman with the face of an angel and familiar green eyes reminds him of heartbreaking loss. When Heidi barely escapes another attempt on her life, the elite Delta warrior vows to save the woman who has scaled the walls of his heart. Quinn must face an enemy who has prowled in the darkness for two decades.

To have a future, Quinn and Heidi must return to Black River to confront the past before their dream of a life together goes up in flames.

Otter Creek, Book 9

As an ER nurse, Grace Rutledge is no stranger to the aftermath of violence, but she has never been a victim until her car is forced off the road. Determined to put the incident behind her, she focuses on becoming acquainted with the family she never knew existed. But a killer is determined that she won’t live long enough to claim her inheritance. When Grace is accused of attempted murder, she fears losing her freedom and her chance at a life with her Navy SEAL.

Fortress operative Trent St. Claire loves his job, but after years of continual deployments, his body is battered and his heart longs for a certain sweet nurse in Otter Creek. After learning of an attack on his girlfriend, the SEAL resolves to shield her from further danger. When the enemy captures Grace, Trent will need every skill in his arsenal to save the woman who means everything to him. This time, however, his combat experience may not be enough to save either of them.

Otter Creek, Book 10

Seven years ago, Marcus Lang made a choice that cost him everything, but he rebuilt his life and became a vital part of Otter Creek. Although his past isn’t dead, Marcus will be if he is unable to stop one man’s quest for revenge. If he fails, his life won’t be the only one forfeit. He will lose the woman he longs to make his. Pursued by a threat he can’t escape, Marcus refuses to let history repeat itself no matter the cost.

Paige Jensen excels at refereeing teenagers and raising funds for the community center. But someone sees her as a problem that must be eliminated. As the danger escalates, she realizes the enemy won’t stop until she’s dead. When the man she loves won’t allow Paige to face the threat alone, he becomes a target.

Desperate to end the violence before more innocents are hurt, she and Marcus appeal to Fortress Security for aid in defeating a foe with a long reach and deep pockets. But their nemesis doesn’t work alone and is ready to spring his trap.