Fortress Security Series

Fortress Security, Book 1

Saving her sister might require the ultimate sacrifice.

Brenna Mason’s sister has been missing for more than a week. She failed Dana years before with disastrous consequences. She won’t do it again. She’s determined to find Dana and bring her home. But someone is just as determined to top her. Within hours of her arrival in town, Brenna’s life is threatened. As a writer, Brenna crafts killer sentences, but she doesn’t have the skills to take on a real killer. To save Dana, her only hope is to team up with a man who has his own agenda.

As a former Navy SEAL, Eli Wolfe saw more than enough innocents slaughtered to populate his dreams with bloody ghosts. After his PI mentor is murdered, Eli hunts a killer. What he finds is a woman with a mission bigger than his. But Brenna doesn’t know that Eli asked Dana for a favor which might have led to her disappearance.

Working together to search for Brenna’s sister, they discover connections to a human trafficking ring Eli and his SEAL team encountered years earlier. With only 48 hours until Dana is lost in the black underbelly of human trafficking, Eli and Brenna must locate her before the deadline. When Brenna is kidnapped by the traffickers, Eli races to find both sisters before time runs out. For Eli, the stakes have never been higher. Now that he’s fallen in love with Brenna, losing her might cost Eli his sanity and his life.

Fortress Security, Book 2

Her sister was a world-class jewel thief. But she crossed the wrong person and now Sophie’s baby may pay the price.

Sophie Valero has spent her life living down her last name. In a family of murderers, thieves, and con artists, she’s the black sheep. As the owner of a legitimate business, the toughest challenge she faces is helping customers find the right herbal supplements to enhance their health. But when she’s attacked in her home, Sophie is given 72 hours to find what her sister stole. The price of failure? Her son’s life. Since the retired cat burglar can’t go to the local police, she turns to the one man who might help her. If he can forget she’s a Valero.

Secret Service Agent Micah Winter stopped for a cup of coffee and left with a bullet in his leg. The gangbanger who shot him left in a body bag. Now Micah is home on medical leave with a contract on his head. The last thing he wants is to protect a beautiful jewel thief. Yet within minutes of seeing Sophie, he has no choice but to offer his protection.

Micah and Sophie team up to locate the items her sister stole while staying one step ahead of the gang determined to kill Micah and the local law committed to pinning jewel thefts on Sophie. Micah vows to neutralize the threats to Sophie because the federal agent has fallen hard for his cat burglar. But the deadline is hours away and a killer is closer than he thinks.

Fortress Security, Book 3

When the past and present collide, the result could be fatal.

Fortress Security operative Lily Stanton survived life on Nashville’s streets and thrived in the Army. Abandoned as an infant, her Fortress teammates have become family, so her world is rocked when a woman claiming to be her mother begs to meet her. After Lily and her partner, Remy Doucet, uncover a connection between their mission and Lily’s mother, she has no choice but to confront her past. To navigate that emotional minefield, she needs Remy, the man who has slipped past her defenses and captured her heart.

Former NYPD homicide detective Remy Doucet hasn’t thought about his high school sweetheart, Christine, since he met Lily Stanton, the woman who stars in his dreams. But when Christine disappears, Fortress Security sends him and Lily to find her. When the search leads them deep into hostile territory, they team up with Fortress Security’s newest squad, an elite Delta unit, to stop a con artist from preying on those who are desperately ill.

Remy knows one misstep could lead to mission failure. Worse, he could lose Lily. And he won’t allow anyone to take her from him, no matter the cost to himself.

Fortress Security, Book 4

After losing her home and business in a flood, photographer Claire Walker relocates to Nashville, determined to rebuild her life. Two men kidnap Claire in the middle of the night in a scheme to force her captive brother to divulge classified information. When she escapes, Claire calls the one man who can help her evade the kidnappers and save her brother.

Navy SEAL Zane Murphy had his career mapped out until an IED changed his life forever. A warrior to his bones, now he hunts terrorists in the corridors of cyberspace for Fortress Security. Although he hasn’t been in the field for two years, Zane can’t refuse a plea for aid from a missing operative’s sister.

When he’s accused of betraying his fellow operatives, Zane vows to clear his name, unmask the real traitor, and protect Claire. The SEAL calls on friends and an elite Delta unit to assist in the mission to save Claire’s brother. With time running out, Zane has no choice but to take the woman who captured his heart into the enemy’s stronghold.

Fortress Security, Book 5

Following a desperate call for help, Rowan Scott finds her sister bleeding out and her niece missing. As the owner of a coffee shop, Rowan doesn’t have the skills to navigate a world of shadows where nothing is as it seems and one mistake will cost her everything. With few clues and her niece’s life on the line, Rowan turns to a friend experienced in combat and subterfuge. He’s her only hope to bring her niece home before a murderer strikes again.

Tasked with a special assignment in a terrorist hotbed, Fortress CEO Brent Maddox doesn’t have time to take on another project. But when the woman who captured his heart asks for help, Brent can’t refuse. The Navy SEAL is no stranger to tough missions, but none threatens to melt his iron control until Rowan and her niece end up in the hands of his enemy. Brent vows to rescue the family he has claimed as his own from the hands of a ruthless killer, no matter the cost.

Fortress Security, Book 6

Fortress operative Adam Walker knows hardship and pain, specializes in navigating behind enemy lines, and never leaves a man behind. When the Special Forces Marine is asked to rescue a woman who helped save him, he doesn’t hesitate to lay his life on the line to return the favor. Although Adam believed his past was buried, he learns the enemy has risen from the ashes. Danger stalks not only Adam, but the people who mean everything to him, including the woman he loves. To destroy his nemesis for good, the Marine must take Veronica into the enemy’s lair.

DEA Agent Veronica Miles is used to working alone in enemy territory for weeks at a time. But on this mission, something goes horribly wrong, and she’s taken captive. Held prisoner for days, Veronica is rescued by an operative she once aided but returns home to suspicion and accusations from her co-workers. Forced to surrender her badge and weapon, Veronica has no one to turn to except the man who saved her life. Together, she and Adam will have to face their worst nightmares and defeat a foe obsessed with revenge. This time, failure will be fatal.

Fortress Security, Book 7

When Lacey Coleman receives word her mother is missing, she isn’t convinced the police will find her. She must go home to search, but she’s a barista, not an investigator. When a friend with Fortress Security volunteers to help, Lacey can’t refuse because she’s sure foul play is involved, and her mother’s only chance of survival is the medic with the heart and skills of a warrior.

Jake Davenport has been slowly building a friendship with the woman who fascinated him from the moment he first saw her behind the counter at Coffee House. After learning Lacey’s mother is missing, he accompanies Lacey to her hometown and, within minutes of arriving in Winston, tangles with the local law. Although assured Yvonne left town under her own steam, Jake’s not buying that story, especially following two attempts on Lacey’s life. When Lacey falls into enemy hands, Jake must mount a rescue before he loses the woman he loves.